the ip market IP is one of your greatest assets. Act accordingly.

Patent litigations are on the rise. Deals valued at millions and billions of dollars continue to grab headlines. Corporate executives are feeling the pressure from shareholders and boards, who have seen the huge sums paid for IP deals and are demanding that they properly manage and create value from their IP assets. This is where we come in.

Getting to the business of IP

For market leaders around the world, your IP assets are key drivers of your corporate value. They have influenced markets and transformed industries. But, like most corporations, you probably have not realized the full value of your investments. Focusing on R&D and legal protection is not enough. It’s time to focus where the real gain lies: on the business of IP. And that means creating value from your IP assets. The lack of internal resources, market savvy information and limited connections need no longer slow you down…because now, you have an ally in Inventergy.

The Inventergy difference

You won’t find any “patent trolls” or brokers here. Count on us to be your true IP licensing partner, committed to creating win-win arrangements. We are also investors, which means we’re in this with you all the way. Our mission is to provide great value for your world-changing innovations, at a manageable level of risk. We do all the heavy lifting, including:

  • Structuring an IP licensing and value creation strategy for your particular assets
  • Applying decades of IP and business expertise and best practices
  • Leveraging key industry relationships to begin with the right decision makers at potential licensees
  • Accessing best-of-breed industry resources
  • Integrating technology and market expertise to determine fair value
  • Taking a business approach to IP licensing that reflects your corporate brand and values

IP is a key corporate assetComponents of S&P 500 market value

Compnents of S&P Market Value

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