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It's time for a new world in IP value creation. A time to put an end to troll behavior, backroom bullying, and dirty deals. It's time for a new way of doing business. A way of behaving like absolute professionals who know the real value of intellectual property, the tremendous leverage it gives to corporations, and the potential to truly make a difference for the global economy and the way people live. And it starts here, with Inventergy.

Six reasons to partner with us

1 Maximum value

We are here to unabashedly help technology leaders achieve more value from their world-changing innovations – by knowing what it's really worth, communicating that value convincingly and with integrity, and delivering improved financial returns in the short and long term.

2 Unparalleled expertise

Joe Beyers is well-known and highly regarded throughout the IP world for his accomplishments at Hewlett-Packard. He is joined by a stellar roster of IP professionals, each with a reputation for expertise in IP deal making. Our knowledge of the IP market runs deep and wide. This means you can rely on us to know the terrain, the players and the best way to unlock value in ways that are both fair and rewarding.

3 Real partnership

We are first and foremost investors and licensors. We have actual “skin in the game.” And we partner with world-class, market-significant companies who may not have the internal manpower, budget or other resources to realize the appropriate ROI for their innovations.

4 A win-win approach

You want to succeed. We want to succeed. And we want to build long-term relationships that allow you to monetize your IP assets for years to come. Our execution model is built on providing flexibility, some immediate monetary gain, investment in your licensing efforts and shared revenue over time. It's a model that offers the potential for greater gain within a reasonable timeframe, with a managed level of risk.

5 Corporate-minded IP strategy

As a corporation, you'll find our credentials a breath of fresh air. Since yours is the world we come from, we understand the challenges and opportunities. The deals we make must be in line with your vision, your values, and be the right fit for your short and long-term goals.

6 Integrity, transparency and fairness

It's time these words become the norm for the IP world. We're committed to making that happen, starting with the way we do business and treat people. We see the future for IP, we know that innovation is key to the global economy. And we believe with every fiber of our being that innovators should be fairly compensated for their inventions and their contributions to society. Expect no less from us.

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